Twitter Confirms Its Deal With Google


Twitter has confirmed a deal with Google to show the Tweets in the Google search Queries. Yesterday, a report from Bloomberg quoted the same thing and today Twitter confirmed it via the company’s Q4 2014 earnings call.

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Even Yesterday we market the issue of logged out users. Twitter estimates that there are some 600 million people who already land on Twitter pages as “logged-out” (that is, unregistered) users, compared to the 288 million registered monthly active users it has today.

Here’s What TechCrunch says about the working of the Tweets that will be shown in the Google Search results.

The Google search deal will essentially be used for “onboarding,” Costolo said. If a “logged out” user sees a Tweet in a Google search and then clicks on it, that person will be delivered to a special “logged out” page, which will likely not only give them an option to sign up, but also deliver them an ad or two.

So it is a nice move to lure users to sign up and participate in the tweets. Even Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says “We’ve got the opportunity now to drive and aggregate eyeballs to logged-out experiences that we plan to deliver on the front page of Twitter,” he continued, “and that’s why it makes a lot more sense now.”


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