Here’s an interesting offer, Motorola is giving $140 off on Unlocked Moto X and offer is applicable for today only. So you guys need to hurry up to avail the discount of $140 off.

Today Motorola April fooled many fans by hoaxing a launch of Selfie Stick, but, now this discount offer is not a joke. You can save upto $140, if you want to buy Moto X. You need to go through Moto Maker site and start putting your device together and after choosing the options and adding to your cart, the discount does appear before checking out.

Moto X, Motorola is also giving 30% off accessories purchased with the device and shipping everything for free. They are also offering some promo codes, if you are willing to buy the same before April 15. You can opt for the Promo Code for the same device.

So guys hurry up, the closing time is nearing by every minute. You can head over to the source link below to get this offer.


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