googel now thord party apps

Google has rolled out new update to the main Google Search app with added feature of Favourite Apps. It allows you to get the notifications from your favourite apps straight into the Google Now Panel.

googel now thord party apps

It will also be paired with the locations so that you can use it when you need it at particular location. As per now Google has rolled out the compatibility of the Google Now with the 40 other apps. Also Google has started to remind of you the emails from the selected email mark-ups.

There are many apps like¬†Airbnb, Lyft, The Guardian and Pandora, etc. Here’s an example:

In the morning, catch up on news of the day with cards from The Guardian. On your commute, Pandora can give you recommendations for music to play, based on what you like, or you can be reminded to complete your daily French lesson on Duolingo. During your downtime, you can take care of the groceries, with a card from Instacart reminding you to stock up on the things you often order.

Overall it is awesome feature you can grasp it from the Google Play Source link.

Source: Google Play



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