Whatsapp Beta for Android today, Gets the Public group link and Quick Media Forward Button. Both these features are live in the version 2.16.281. The rumors about these features are coming for months, now finally they are live in Beta App and we hope to see these features soon in the stable version of the app.


Now when you want to app a new participant to your group, you will have a new Invite to group via link option at the top of your contacts list. Tapping it opens a new screen with the unique link to your chat. Moreover,  if you want to add some of those people with whom you are interacting for the first time and phone numbers may not have been exchanged at all. Then you have to print and place a QR code by the door, that guests can scan on their way out.

nexus2cee_whatsapp-quick-forward-media-2-329x585Other then this there is one more new feature i.e. Quick Media Forward Button in the chats. You will see a Button Next to the media for any message in your chats you have just clicked on it to forward that message to some of your friends. If you want to try out these features now you have to install the Whatsapp Beta on your Android Smartphones. WhatsApp v2.16.281 APK here, or simply download the beta app from Google Play, and let it update on its own.


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