WhatsApp has come a long way since it was first introduced. The app has received a ton of new features including stories like status, swipe to reply in groups, and what not. Also, the app is also about to get ads integration soon. As for any new additions, the beta users get to use them first. Now, in the latest WhatsApp beta version 2.18.338, the app adds private replies in groups and Unicode 11 emojis.

Though these two new additions sound simple, they do come in handy especially the private replies in groups. Imagine a situation when you want to share your opinion with your colleague, friend, or anyone regarding their message in the group without others knowing. As for the emojis part, it is always nice to have the latest set of emojis.

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The latest set of emojis bring new animals and birds like a hippopotamus, kangaroo, peacock, parrot, new faces, superheroes, supervillains, mango, bagel, cupcake, test tube, lab coat, DNA, and others. In case you are interested in this new emojis, you will have to enroll in the beta programme from the Play Store listing of the WhatsApp app or download from the link at the end of the article.

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Anyways, the new additions in the beta version mostly make their way to the stable channel but they might take time. However, you can download and sideload the latest WhatsApp beta if interested from the link provided below.

Download WhatsApp Beta v2.18.338


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