Whatsapp is literally burning the candle at both ends, trying to bring new and new features to its popular messenger. Just a while ago, Android users under beta channel were able to see a new Swipe to Reply feature. Similarly, another nifty feature that’s being rolled out starting today is the long-rumoured PiP mode support.

The latest Whatsapp beta v2.18.301 enables users to stream videos from YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as Picture-In-Picture. To be honest, it’s not at all a brand new feature as its strong contender – Telegram and other apps too have PiP support a long before.

Nonetheless, those who’ve updated their Whatsapp to the latest beta will be able to play videos in-app when they send or receive a link of one of these (Youtube, Instagram, and FB) services on WhatsApp. Users do have the option to choose either PiP or redirect to the default app of the respective services.

It’d take a little long for the PiP to reach the stable channel. In fact, users are reporting a minor bug while watching videos in PiP mode on the latest beta version. It’s said that the PiP gets broken when the user switches to another chat. Well, an upcoming beta update would necessarily pack a plausible fix for the issue.


Whatsapp Beta 2.18.301: Google Play Store.


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