Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 official launch on September 11, 2017


Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has been one of the most awaited smartphone soon to be launched. But the question is when? Today, we will answer your question or doubts regarding it’s launch. But guys the wait is over because Xiaomi through it’s official Weibo account has announced that the super awesome device will be launched in September. The date given is September 11.

The launch event of Mi Mix 2 will be held at Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium on September 11 at 2 pm local time. Along with that there are other rumors too. Apple is also planning to launch it’s device i.e. premium iphone 8 as well as iphone 7S and 7S Plus on 12th September.

According to a video that was posted on Facebook by Philllipe Starck. French designer who is said to have designed the new Mi Mix 2 with the Xiaomi team. Though it is a rumor that whether he has collaborated or no.

There is also a speculation that the device may offer screen-to-body ratio of 95 percent. Well, the device is going to be launched soon, till then let’s wait for it.



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