Xiaomi Mi4 and Redmi Note Devices to Launch in India Soon


As we all know, Xiaomi has had a huge success in sales for just two devices they launched in India, Mi3 and Redmi 1s. The company hold the limited stock sales of thousand of units, and they sold within just seconds.


And due to those sales, many users who wanted to buy the device did not get it. So Xiaomi could have increased their sales by even a greater extent. But we hope that the things change in the future. And now according to a report, the Mi4 and the Redmi 1s could ship to India in 2014 itself. To be specific the devices would be launched in India within two months.

This information was provided by Hugo Barra, who is the VP for international markets for Xiaomi. And also in the Next year we will see other Xiaomi Devices launching in the country, like the Xiaomi Mi Tablet, and Mi TV


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