You don’t need a statistical study to tell you that Xiaomi is gaining tremendous share in India. Although, you do need it to understand precisely how far Xiaomi has come. IDC, a well-known research firm has finished some number crunching for the third quarter, and the results are remarkable.

According to the IDC’s latest report, Xiaomi’s share in the Indian market now equals Samsung’s share. Both the competitors now hold a 23.5% share becoming the joint top mobile phone makers plying their trade in India. Xiaomi doubled its shipments from the last quarter and almost tripled its shipments Y-O-Y, noted the IDC study.

On the other hand, Samsung has not been a couch potato either as it had the best third quarter with 39% sequential growth. While 23% growth has been reported on a Y-O-Y basis. Xiaomi’s trump card is obviously the Redmi Note 4 with the company shipping 4 million phones in the previous quarter. On the other hand, Samsung’s volumes have been supported by the Galaxy J2, Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt, and Samsung Galaxy J7 Max mainly.

lenovo has captured the third spot in terms of shipments with a rise of 83% compared to previous quarters. The study positions Vivo as the fourth strongest phone maker followed closely be Oppo.



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