Xiaomi Planned To Migrate Its Data Centres To The US and Singapore


In recent wake to the allegations that Xiaomi is transferring some sensitive data of the users to China. Now, the Chinese Apple has planned to transfer its data cenres to the US and Singapore. This will help to reduce the risk factor among the users of data theft and other issues.


Today itself, India Air Force has put allegations on Xiaomi that it is transferring sensitive data to China and even asked whole Indian Air Force Fleet to keep away from Xiaomi products. In India, Earlier also, similar type of allegations were made against the Chinese company.

Xiaomi will be using Amazon AWS data centers in California and Singapore to start. The reason that company is specifying is to improve the performance for Mi fans around the world, cut down on latency, and reduce failure rates.

The transfer will be made in three phases. After the completion of the first one by the end of October the second one wil take place. Phase three is described as going local with improvements made for India and Brazil.



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