JioPhone YouTube
JioPhone YouTube
JioPhone YouTube

Earlier last month, Google has released the KaiOS version of Google Map for Jio Phone. Now, another popular Google baked app – the YouTube is hitting the smart feature phone. Alike the GMaps, it should be installed through Jio Store – the Jio Phone’s proprietary app store.

In fact, the KaiOS YouTube app arrived a day earlier. You might have known that the YouTube and Whatsapp was planned to get released on tomorrow, August 15. Nevertheless, Jio Phone users need not wait a day more to enjoy the YouTube videos on their phone.

The KiaOS edition of YouTube, similar to other JioPhone apps, is lightweight with mere couple of MB’s in size. The app more or less seems like a PWA with few features and the UI is similar to the YouTube website that we could access on JioPhone stock browser. You need to navigate using the pointer in YouTube which is tad awkward, considering that other KaiOS supported video streaming app such as Hotstar, JioCinema and JioTV provides much better navigation method.

That said, although the Google promised apps are now made available, the JioPhone users wait for the Whatsapp is still ongoing. Let’s hope that the popular messaging app too will be released on the JioStore soon, probably tomorrow itself as promised earlier by Jio at its 41st Annual AGM.



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