If you remember, Snapseed app was the last one among Google suite of apps to cross 50 Million downloads mark on Google Play Store. Now, another Google crafted app, the YouTube Music app has achieved the milestone after its nearly 2 years of existence on Google Play. Literally, the music streaming app being downloaded 50 Million times so far is, in deed, a direct indication of its acceptance among Droiders.

To be precise, the YouTube Music app was for the first time launched on Google Play Store in September, 2015. Then on wards, the app acted like a standard music service catering songs, albums and radio services available on YouTube for free. However, it’s paid subscription that can be obtained by YouTube Red subscription unlocked more features. Such as ad- free streaming, play music from the lock-screen and many other privileges.

Though the YouTube Music app and Google Play Music look almost identical or alike in features, they can be literally compared as the two sides of a coin. That is, offering music streaming service but in two different and separate paths. As they’ve been always confusing, there was a rumor prevailing that the two music streaming services will be merged into one by Google.

In spite of those rumors, the YouTube Music app is still existing as stand-alone streaming service. And, its latest 50 Million achievement being the evidence.

Well, if you haven’t experienced the free music streaming service yet. No problem as you can download it at any time on Google Play Store.

YouTube Music: Google Play Store

Note: May not be available in certain countries


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