ZTE Axon M

As Black Friday is over, but here is very good deal for you to buy ZTE Axon M. You can now save $200 on purchases Dual screen foldable Android Phone. Earlier it was sold on $24.17/mo. for 30 months contract on AT&T network. Now it is being sold $17.49/mo. for 30 months. 

ZTE Axon MFor a reminder Axon M consists of two separate 5.2-inch 1080p displays when unfolded become seemingly one 10-inch display with an ugly annoying line running right in the centre. If you can get past that, then great. You’ll like the device. The two screens can either run the same thing on both frames, or become one and display a 10-inch interface.

Besides this, it’s an Android device like any other. Snapdragon 821, 4 GB RAM, single 20 MP camera, 3,180 mAh battery, headphone jack and the usual connectivity options. It does have Android Nougat, BTW. It will be sold in Japan by NT Docomo, and the US by AT&T exclusively.

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